Custom Homes

Our approach is simple…

We build quality custom homes in all price ranges.

Custom doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive or high end. It can simply mean a home personally tailored to best suit you.

Black Creek Homes are built with high quality construction and all finishes are professionally completed.

Our streamlined design process is structured to help alleviate the stress often associated with building. We will guide you through the process of building your home down to the finest details, which can often be the most important.

We build for young couples, growing families and retirees. We build for you.

We make owning a custom built home possible.


Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF homes offer lower energy bills, a healthier living environment and unlimited design possibilities.

ICF is a construction technology know for its warmth, comfort and strength as well as its sound and weather resistance.

ICF walls act as a thermal barrier, making it possible for homes to retain heat more effectively, resulting in energy savings of up to 70% annually.

A perfect product for harsh Canadian winters!